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Cheat Menu V1.0

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Cheat Menu V1.0

    What is this?:

Cheat Menu, is an advanced menu edited for owners. You can use this to play with bots. (New game eventually) Cheat Menu contains some items that will help you on gameplay, you can get 250HP, 250AP, Free money, deagle, gravity etc.


1. You can use 1 item per a map.

2. You can enable/disable it via cvar.

3. Admins Can use this command, say /cheat or amxmod_cheat_menu to open the menu.


1. Download the both file's. Press me.

2. Add the .amxx file amxmodx/plugins folder.

3. Go to configs/plugins.ini and write on the bottom cheat_menu.amxx.

4. Restart the server and here you go.


amx_cheat_menu = You can enable/disable the plugin via this cvar. Instead 1 rewrite 0 and menu will be disabled. Till you rewrite 1!

    amxx.cfg (Optional):

Go to configs/amxx.cfg and write this on the bottom:

amx_cheat_menu 1 - Enable/Disable Cheat Menu.


Feel free to edit the file, but don't try to advertise it..

If you got an error while coding/compile it feel free to comment your problem in this topic.

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