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Found 11 results

  1. Your Nick: ~Ggas~InvestoR~# Player/Admin Nick: some kids always.. Reason: camp base / camp / tb / txt...... Proof and Demo: comment : so u can see in this ss camp camp base tb txt wh..... and me no access.. And me no access all players insult me and saying to me go ban and me no access and no respect they called me trash and idiot.... Ihave ss for it + emir please do something for me and for this server as u can see in ss no admins actives ( i respect all admins bc someone have school and jobs....) but we need someone ban this players me platinium member no acces i was helper and it's gone idk why.... So respect this report and try to do something this cheaters and campers think are kings and big thing on this server..... respect.. @Ggas de_dust2_20090000.bmp de_dust2_20090013.bmp de_dust2_20090009.bmp de_dustyaztec0003.bmp de_dustyaztec0001.bmp de_dustyaztec0004.bmp
  2. Your nick: SopArano Your Age: 18 from : algeria What admin rank you want: helper Game Tracker Statistic hours(LINK): Do you read the rules: CT NO CAMP /SLAY / BAN / KICK ... Can you help server with donate: yes i can account Experience with AMXX: amx_saly amx_slap amx_kick ..... Comment: this best furien clasic server i love playing here and I want to keep the players love it where there is no cheating With all my respect and thanks to the administration
  3. Admin Request

    Your nick: Deadshot ! Your Age: 17 Where are you from: Egypt What admin rank you want: Helper GameTracker Statistic hours: --> 46{KM} Deadshot/ --> 55 l Cheetos/ --> 45 Do you read the rules: RBCS 2018 its not big rules to read it Can you help server with donate: hmm... maybe in future Experience with AMXX: I am already admin in many servers Comment: I am playing on this server when it starts and all old players know as an example I player there since Asoka was slot and Gara wasn't admin and I have signed in the old 3 forums Please accept me for better and active admins team with respect, if you want to reject me <3 and please add reactions for topics on this forum
  4. Suggestion

    I suggest to back the Award / Platinum Member or RankUp! for only one month so a player who win it, if he liked it he can pay for it when it finished And I can't find the suggestion Model : )
  5. idont get helper yet

    hi emir you accepted me to be helper but you still not give me so please give me admin
  6. Still not Helper

    Hi Emir. Just to let you know I am Still not Helper. You accepted me in this post :
  7. Not.responding

    Why u rejected to be helper? I want to be helper and i ask @Zoldikus He told me to playing 40hours to be helper!! Plz accept this i want to be admin but first helper in ur rules right??, @Ggas
  8. Admin or VIP Request

    Your nick: MrSniper612 Your Age: 16 Where are you from: Morocco What admin rank you want: Diamond or Platinium GameTracker Statistic hours(LINK): Do you read the rules: yes i did and i won't break any rule of course Can you help server with donate: no my paypal account is empty Experience with AMXX: i have a little informations with AMXX but not too good cuz i never been real admin in a server but i wish this server be the first one Comment: i like this server so much that i'm always online in it !
  9. reauest for admin

    Your nick: khalil Your Age: 17 Where are you from: Algeria What admin rank you want: Admistrator GameTracker Statistic hours(LINK): Do you read the rules:RBCS 2018 Can you help server with donate: Yes Experience with AMXX: 10/9 Comment: I played full 50 hours accept pls
  10. New suggestion

    Hi emir i think if you add prefix admin for players who in admin\who menu
  11. request for upgrad

    our nick: F1NE Your Age: 16 Where are you from: Tunisia GameTracker Hours(LINK): What admin you are: Helper What admin upgrade you want: Moderator Can you help server with donations: If i can ofc i will donate Comment: i wait 2 weeks emir iam HHHH and u said to change my nick cuz i couldnt be helper with this nick = this is my official link of hours plz accept <3