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  1. Report Don't fuck whit me.! -_-

    +rep ban me no reason fuck him
  2. Unban me

  3. unban

    im not a hack asking all the players Everyone says to me hack because you are noobs kids
  4. Report V.I.P Edis/KoBrA

    -rep god admin kobra
  5. unban

    Your Nick:YosiF Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:351363024 Admin Nick:dont fuck with me Reason:ss/demo in fourm Proof: Demo: he ban me because me always kill him noob -.- sshamza, Ex!T^ and DRENICAKU-TZ like this
  6. request for helper

    -rep tb
  7. Request Admin

    -rep rules
  8. Request For Admin !

    -rep noob camp
  9. Request for admin

  10. Request For Slot

  11. Unban Cheetos :)

  12. Suggestion by Varmox!

  13. Suggestion by Varmox!

  14. Suggestion by Varmox!