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  1. roport password Ga Go

    mm ur ss is edited man thats clear in french its writed "changé" not "chang" so -rep THATS CLEAR MAN U EDITED IT
  2. Report This Noob

    +rep he have 0 experience
  3. jearK hacked my admin pw

    @not.responding i have many proofs that JearK stole my pw plz pm i will send u proofs
  4. Unban

    bro its not me someone stole my admin pw and ban many players
  5. jearK hacked my admin pw

    finally i found a player who know me <3 thanks bro
  6. jearK hacked my admin pw

    u lie man its not opened in 2017
  7. jearK hacked my admin pw

    my friend send to me this all know me and know also that iam not a kid to play with my admin and ban players with no reason
  8. jearK hacked my admin pw

    man iam old in this server since 2 years and i didnt do any fault like insulting or banning someone with no reason all admins know me
  9. Your Nick: F1NE Player/Admin Nick: JearK Reason: my friends said that jearK open my admin and he banned all Proof and Demo: Comment: i swear i dont give my pw to anyone and all the players know that iam not steamer also the pic say that iam steamer @not.responding come pm plz i wanna talk with u