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  1. reuquset for slot

    +rep my Bro <3
  2. jearK hacked my admin pw

    Finally you admit you JEARK
  3. Still not Helper

    Hi Emir. Just to let you know I am Still not Helper. You accepted me in this post :
  4. Request for slot

    WTF? -rep wait 2 weeks
  5. Request for slot

    never saw you but +rep Good Luck
  6. Request Unban

    IDK i am unbanned but still my steamid : VALVE_0:4:1222068843
  7. Request Unban

    Do never -rep anyone without reason. You had less hours and didnt read rules so -rep. Don't act like kid like "I -rep you so you also -rep"
  8. Request Unban

    @Zoldikus Please reply
  9. Request for moderator

    Wtf is going here? 3 requests. I say +rep for milos
  10. Report Sajoo

  11. report admin

    I think you are 7 not 17
  12. report Ga_Go

    +rep I told him many times also See this demo : Click Here See the last part when he camp. I told him stop camp and he say its not called camp Then what? CampBase?
  13. Report player

    do you have any demo?
  14. Request Unban

    Thanks all for trusting me Love you all ❤