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  1. cerere slot

  2. roport password Ga Go

    +rep He has multiple accounts in game and in forum and he -rep those who kill him with all his ids.
  3. idont get helper yet

  4. reuquset for slot

    +rep my Bro <3
  5. jearK hacked my admin pw

    Finally you admit you JEARK
  6. Still not Helper

    Hi Emir. Just to let you know I am Still not Helper. You accepted me in this post :
  7. Request for slot

    WTF? -rep wait 2 weeks
  8. Request for slot

    never saw you but +rep Good Luck
  9. Request Unban

    IDK i am unbanned but still my steamid : VALVE_0:4:1222068843
  10. Request Unban

    Do never -rep anyone without reason. You had less hours and didnt read rules so -rep. Don't act like kid like "I -rep you so you also -rep"
  11. Request Unban

    @Zoldikus Please reply
  12. Request for moderator

    Wtf is going here? 3 requests. I say +rep for milos
  13. Report Sajoo

  14. report admin

    I think you are 7 not 17