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  1. jearK hacked my admin pw

    i dont say to remmove him ! i just say : JUST EMIR CAN CHANGE PW!
  2. jearK hacked my admin pw

    @F1NE pw cant change ! Just emir or niko can change pw in panel :V
  3. report Ga_Go

  4. Request For Slot

    +rep good player
  5. Report This Noob

    o @Razer spo me kupton bir :V po tthem se i smun me i kontrollo te gjith po ka pas pat nje problem :V
  6. Report This Noob

    @GDFRThuji dicka
  7. Report This Noob

  8. U ARE A GOING DOWN ! @Evidence -rep for model , +F1Ne u Are A GOING DOWN!
  9. GDFR, un them qe ai ja ka dhen pw jeark , jeark lutet shum per pw , ai me eshte lutur edhe mua kur isha plantium , edhe e di sepse F1Ne nuk luan dot per shkak te shkolles .
  10. Report niti By *1Shot

    no. Emir Close Tobic with RECEJEDET
  11. Report This Noob

    -Rep , First!=he is in play he cant see camp! 2- and he is rip , he cant see 4-5 Ct in moment 3- for Rulest he cant ban camper 4- hee need to see for slay ! Bad RAPORT!
  12. UPgrade (Administrator)

    +Rep gospoding bbut now u are low active , + need to request for sup_md