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  1. ^_Cerere Slot_^

    SORRY but EMir say no free admin topic close
  2. reuquset for slot

    what the fuck K!ng and Chaka pro and sarah u both destroy my requset
  3. reuquset for slot

    I dont need helper i just need slot oke
  4. reuquset for slot

    @not.responding close the topic
  5. Request for slot

    - rep because u low activity and model ot slot Requset again here is model slot link
  6. reuquset for slot

    Your nick:T!G3R Your Age:15 Where are you from:Pakistan GameTracker Hours(LINK):!G3R Comment: I was not online in the past weeks bcz of my exam but go ask Ga Go deam and other server players now i am online and i am active sine last week accept me
  7. UPgrade (Administrator)

    +rep bro u deserve it my friend
  8. idont get helper yet

    go talk with emir in pm
  9. Request For Slot

    - rep camper
  10. moderator

    Your nick:T!G3R Your Age:16 Where are you from:Pakistan What admin rank you want:moderator GameTracker Statistic hours(LINK):!G3R Do you read the rules:yes i have RBCS2018 Can you help server with donate:maybe Experience with AMXX:100% Comment: Bro give me -rep with proof and reason oke and give me a chance
  11. Request for upgrande

  12. Upgrade HELPER Rank!