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  1. Request Admin

    long time havent seen u razzer zoldikus is bored.. havent played with pros for a long time lol +rep
  2. Request For Unban

    plus.. u cant use cheats in Nvidia.
  3. Request For Unban

    +rep he always kick player for killing him hes a bad admin.. dont deserve the admin
  4. Unban

  5. Unban

    @Zoldikus unban me pls
  6. Unban

    @Ggas who's the unban manager ?
  7. Unban

    Nick: DrEaM On Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1954652229 Admin Nick: niti Reason: Aim He banned me twice coz i killed him and he say camp he always slay people when they kill him Demo: FurienRedBull.dem
  8. Request For Admin !

    +rep and dont mind gou gou ga ga he dont know anything