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  1. Request for admin

  2. Request for admin

    +rep ilove you
  3. -legenD-amine*

  4. Abu 3azam

  5. Request for admin

  6. -legenD-amine*

    amchi nik mok
  7. milo dirli +rep dok n3awnak

  8. -legenD-amine*

  9. -legenD-amine*

    rabi ya7fdak khouya
  10. -legenD-amine*

    atraba wahdar
  11. Request for admin

    +rep i love you
  12. Admin Request

    -rep a3tini nik
  13. -legenD-amine*

    hhhh I am a new player in this server to have a professional in this game I will keep you up to date on this level of my game and I hope you will accept me helper and I promise you that I will fight the server with all I have
  14. -legenD-amine*

    Your nick: -legenD-amine* Your Age: 17 Where are you from: ALGERIA What admin rank you want: Helper GameTracker Statistic hours(LINK): Do you read the rules: yes i read RBCS 2018 Can you help server with donate: yes i can Experience with AMXX: 100 % Comment: Accepte me pleas