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  1. Request for admin

    Everyone told me +rep but *You ...Give me -rep without reason
  2. Request for admin

    Why do you say it twice? Because you are stupid?
  3. create [SOLT]

    +rep Good luck
  4. create [SOLT]

  5. Unban me

    +rep Unaban Steam iD?
  6. unban

    +ReP Unban
  7. Unban deadshot

    +ReP Unban
  8. unban by last zero

    Steam id?
  9. unban by last zero

    +rep Unban..
  10. Report V.I.P Edis/KoBrA

    -ReP Kobra Moj najbolji prijatelj Ali vi mrzite sve i vas cilj nije da budete novi administratori na serveru Sretno moj prijatelj *koBra*
  11. unbann me :D

    +rep unban
  12. Request Admin

    -rep bro read RULES RBCS2018!