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  1. Nick and pw free admin

    ? Why u said the pw? Are u crazy?
  2. Request for admin

    @not.responding who is answear to my req if rejected or accepted Ur answear here is +rep or -rep #Talkative
  3. Request for admin

    I need answear from emir not u ! I deserve it I play this server from 2 years i wait for this
  4. Request for admin

    All players thank you for supported me @not.responding answear plz im good man! I can help please bro i wait.... Im old in this server Not give me chance bro 🔥
  5. Request for admin

    @not.responding Answear my req bro 😔 I deserve it I will help this server And i will respect the rules ☝ No mistakes ✌👌
  6. Request for admin

    SaraH this is not ur req U comment to my req Req urself girl New topic
  7. Request for slot

    +rep Read the rules 100% rejected Try again girl
  8. Request for admin

    Ty my best brother <3 and i will respect all the rules !
  9. Request for admin

    Your nick: Ggas Your Age:17 Youres Old Where are you from: Algerian What admin rank you want: Helper GameTracker Statistic hours(LINK): Do you read the rules: RBCS2018 Can you help server with donate:Yes i can Experience with AMXX: amx_slay amx_slap Comment: i love this server Iam all time here and iam old player i chonge nick Just_Killer i will help server and ban who is wallhack and aimer GOOD LUCK!!
  10. jearK hacked my admin pw

    F1NE he can't do that
  11. Bye all