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  1. Request for admin

    +rep GL !
  2. Cerere Unban

    hahh nice
  3. Cerere Unban

    Your Nick: M!StER Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:719271087 Admin Nick: Ggas Reason: aim Proof: Demo:
  4. Report admin

    I do last time but this time he also bans me without specing me
  5. Report admin

    Your Nick: M!StER Player/Admin Nick: 3D | Don't Fuck Whit me.! Reason: Camp and previous time ban for Wh Proof and Demo: & this is the previous demo this is the old Pic Comment: He even didn't spec he just directly ban I just move around B and came back in Base and kill so he ban me reason Camp.This is the 2nd time he ban me useless
  6. Cerere Unban

    If Demo link doesn't work check this one
  7. Cerere Unban

    Your Nick: M!StER Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:719271087 IP: Admin Nick: S1cK~Don't fuck whit me. Reason: Autostrafe Proof: Demo:
  8. Cerere Unban

    Your Nick: M!StER but I was playing from Nick Bhangi Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:719271087 IP: Admin Nick: FeAr-ThE-AnGeR-Of-NiTi Reason: WallHack Proof: Demo:
  9. cerere Admin/Sllot

    han wo noob
  10. cerere Admin/Sllot

    [ENG] Your nick: M!StER Your Age: 17 Where are you from: Pakistan What admin rank you want: Helper GameTracker Statistic hours(LINK):!StER Do you read the rules: RBCS2018 Can you help server with donate: - Experience with AMXX: Everything/All Comment: There are many Campers/TB/Abusers/Aimers E.t.c and sometimes admins are not active and when mostly are active are slot they don't have access to slay or either kick that's the issue .Some of players start leaving server cause of campers Note : I can give you Cs 1.6 steam New but beneficii grade then helper.