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  1. cerere slot

    Your nick: Sasuke UchiHa Your Age: 15 Where are you from: Algeria GameTracker Hours(LINK): Uchiha/ Comment:i Dont have nothing to say chose +Rep/-Rep
  2. juststrafehack@Aydin

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is this
  3. Admin Request

    no more free admin puy you get your admin its now with Paysafe card and boost Dude Soory 1:Slot 1boost§ 2:helper 1euro § 3:Moderator:1euro +1boost § 4:Super~Moderator 2euro+2boost try to read this and talk with emir
  4. Request for admin

    -Rep no hours First seen is 11november2018 Some players like me try to cerere just slot for 2years and emir said no more free admin+you said helper 20hours it 40hours +1boost you Stuped +i have 36hours and i try to cerere slot emir my best freind Who Fucking new you Neo Soory but the players think you funny but she no work for me
  5. Request for admin

    -Rep No more free admin
  6. Suggestion by Varmox!

    hhhhhhhh we talk about suggestion from Varmox not GaGo arabic or Evidence talking stuped luanges hhhhhhhh be Smart Like Sasuke hhhhh
  7. ^_Cerere Slot_^

    Thanks you all i now emir will rejected so Thanks you all
  8. Suggestion by Varmox!

    +Rep Good chose am boring zoldikus kill avery day hhhhhhh Or Ga Go or Philip Or Naruto Or Gaming Let have with 1killing 20hp and 2k Nice
  9. ^_Cerere Slot_^

    @not.responding plz chose plz and rest my mind
  10. ^_Cerere Slot_^

    what fuck who are you fuck off you stiil my topic +you are not DZ JILJLI +Topic close i been waiting this fucking slot for 1 year befor i start play in this server 2017 SO FUCK OFF Manel
  11. Nick and pw free admin

    hhhhhhhh teatch me how you do it hhhh gOOD
  12. Cerere Unban

    Dont remove him Dont fuck with me is Pro player he new when he ban or slay -Rep
  13. ^_Cerere Slot_^