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  1. Request Admin

    +rep but @G-ZONE was my new account so i delet it +rep Razer good luck
  2. New app 👏👏😁😁

    i don't understand bro but +rep
  3. Reporte Admin !!

    1- Don't say GospodiNN is bad he is Da best. 2- Nobody insult YouneS because he is OG he is old player so +rep GospodiNN is friendly and YouneS is pro So why fight guys YouneS and GospodiNN are DooDoo
  4. Ne da SS "kaze da nema"

    yup 〠シッツ㋡ you're doodoo
  5. Unban by Ga Go

    +rep <3 unban him and stop doing things wrong Edis
  6. I ask everyone to allow

    ALL SHUT UP go on facebook and find a solution there But this is a forum ( you know what is forum ) but about @realEVIDENCE why i never see you playing in that moments

    342 WHAT IS THAT
  8. Please unban me

    steaml id? +rep
  9. Request for admin

    +rep but emir said Nio more free admins!!!
  10. Nick in server: G-ZONE.cfg Suggestions: @not.responding bro why you finish the free admins and No more free admins!!! at night or anytimes there are manyhackers. Server is bad without manyadmins and my time played is used for nothing!!!? i think we need the admins: F1NE, MoOGreM, GaRa... i hope this suggestion will be good but i must ask you Why you delet admins ? and why no more free admins ? Thanks and sorry for this suggestion!!
  11. Unban Me And Stop Admin SaJooo From his admin

    of course +rep SaJoo is good admin but sometimes he is bad he is my friend but im here with ShadOw! ( @LOineSs ) because he doesn't have hack and @Jeark what is the music's name in your antro The ANtro JearK!!!!
  12. idont get helper yet

    so sorry bro but +rep and no more free admin G-ZONE.cfg
  13. roport password Ga Go

    -rep GaGo has one admin and i say that not because you are my ennemy @Evidence iswear i just say truth but u edit picture
  14. Report admin

  15. Reporting Admin

    i cant watch . i download it and i can't watch him