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  1. [Suggestion] Admin Evidence

    you are the best <3 im not admin but i love the idea!! <3 <3 <3 ♥♥♥♥ @GDFR
  2. unban me

    @LgK|MoOGreM we if u have imgur (picture) give me it to see niti ban all campers and ....
  3. Cerere Unban

  4. Cerere Unban

    unban M!STeR +rep
  5. Cerere Unban

    @faridkhaled go make request for unban
  6. jearK hacked my admin pw

    Bravo!!! now @TugaCarlos understand HE IS Stoled
  7. Upgrade HELPER Rank!

    but now there are No admins ??!?!?
  8. jearK hacked my admin pw

    its done now he is removed
  9. and you know @Evidence you promise me to never do hack for any1 or anything but u lie idiot
  10. @GDFR JearK is hacker and idiot and noob he just want to win he is stupid and @Evidence please dont do that i'm so scared to a noob like you who fucked server noob
  11. UPgrade (Administrator)

    +rep @GospodiNN good pro and best admin good luck but there are many players put request for admin here i think this is JearK ofcourse -_ -
  12. Request for slot

    +rep she is new @Ga Go welcome!
  13. @GAMING see the picture the password is edited by fucking JearK ofcourse you will be with Ga Go and me
  14. believe GaGo because JearK is fucking hacker and @Evidence you edit the picture ofcourse idiot get out of me You are never my friend because F1NE is my friend and he lost his Super-Moderator GaGo is our friend and he never do somthing like that YOU IDIOT OR WHAT??