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  1. Report MaRK3LoN.^

    its true , last ct can tb , but cant txt..
  2. Request for admin

  3. Suggestion by Varmox!

  4. Report This Noob

  5. Suggestion

    moze emir , administrator 20HP 1kill + 2000$
  6. report g-zone

    but I had +400 hp, and you stay with one place until you killed .. The admins was here : gaming, ang3l_of_d3ath, started to call you camper . + me.. U are camper man, u stay 6-7 seconds in the same place , until you killed me. +u make retry ss: I have this demo: "-minute:near the end"
  7. report g-zone

    Your nick: QualityI*philip plein Admin Nick : G-ZONE.cfg Reason: He did camp so many times and i have demo, next he make retry to be with me i have ss. Emir , Proof: Demo: Comment:Emir, this guy does not deserve diamond member , because he is still 13 years old. and makes frequent mistakes
  8. Request for upgrade

    -rep , no activity..
  9. Req for upgrande

    +repi think he deserve
  10. report gaming

    emir ovie sta zboruvat -rep koj gi jebe , samo glej dokaza u demo i gotovo . ti odlucis
  11. report gaming

    emir , ovaj laze deka go glea demo , aj glej ti u kraj minuta , ovaj ima aim , i ovaj gaming nisto ne naprai nisto.
  12. report gaming

    your nick ; qualityI*philip plein Admin nick: <ZPCSG>Gaming Reason : a player had a hack, and this did not react to anything he is currently still in server using hack, while gaming does not react. He was there playing Demo: comment : minuta na kraj, toj je uste na server ADEM #10 "ADEM" 38740 VALVE_0:4:1186676591 21 19:39 77 0
  13. Report SaSUKE UCHIha

    emir neka zboruvat cel den , samo gleaj demo!
  14. Report SaSUKE UCHIha

    guys , go see fucking demo he dont kill me ,
  15. Report SaSUKE UCHIha

    emir ne me ubi ovaj mene , ja samo sta sum vlegol sum go gledal ovaj so aim zimi gospod aj gledaj demo na kraj aim ovaj gi ubi 3-4 teroristi