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  1. roport password Ga Go

    "RoPoRt" Best english ever :3
  2. Report admin SaJoooCS*

    I bet he paid to become admin :3
  3. jearK hacked my admin pw

    It's not F1NE's fault.. He got hacked -.- someone stole his password... It's because of this there's no more free admins I bet.
  4. reuquset for slot

    Don't think this is all yours and you tell emir to accept you -.- he said no more free admins in one topic.. So you get nothing by doing this =)
  5. Report This Noob

    If he paid to become admin (Told you so) :3
  6. Hm you should try to learn more English because you can't type English very well 😅
  7. Why would you do that to him =/ Your been a child -.- I don't know what's your objective for that but ok..
  8. Last Cerere Slot!!!! By Sasuke

    Meh why not? +rep
  9. Award / Platinum Member or RankUp!

  10. RePort Admin fiRe-wOw

    -rep. Don't be a child, no evidences so you can't report him for anything, we don't care if you hate him. Just don't report for no reason...
  11. [Suggestion] Slot

    Well, it's true but their gonna still need admins for tb or camping or even insult because there are some people who insults i don't know, and most off all they tb or camp everytime =|
  12. [Suggestion] Slot

    Oh, I remember one thing the "anti-cheat" let's imagine. Enter one guy to the furien and he has "Aimbot;Wall hack" well, you could put an plug-in so who enters with any cheat it gets automatic banned from the server =)
  13. [Suggestion] Slot

    Meh why not? I was thinking and just came to my mind, why the rank "Slot" doesn't have some permissions? You can't see if he knows the rules or he can use the amxx. If you put only 2 commands like (amx_slay & amx_slap) there you can see if he knows to do his job or not. And then if he wants to upgrade, you know what to answer, if he knows the rules and if he can see who's disrespect it? Alright you give your opinion. Just an simple suggestion hope you like it =)
  14. Add New Admin Rank

    For that you can put that two commands on slot =|
  15. Add New Admin Rank

    25-30 hours to use the command "amx_slay;amx_slap"? Hmm sorry but - rep