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  1. Request For Unban (2)

    Where's the demo 😒
  2. cerere unban

    Not enought proofs, where's the demo? 😒
  3. Please unban me

    You must have an ss and demo to proof you don't have hacks, and your steam id you type "status" in console in a server and you'll see that, it's only STEAM_ID... 😌
  4. Free admins!!

    Morans.. Nothing else to say, you removed the free admins for what? You want money? Why we have to pay to become admin... It doesn't make sense, they worked so hard to get nothing? Why you don't get back the free admins?! Just think about it.. Anytime they have someone who doesn't respect the rules and nobody does anything to then, you know why? Oh that's right there's no admins.. Give a chance to free admin and you'll see it's gonna be worth it..
  5. Request for admin

  6. Unban Me And Stop Admin SaJooo From his admin

    Post the demo and the unban moderator see that
  7. idont get helper yet

    Just give him the helper -.- He waited 1 month
  8. roport password Ga Go

    "RoPoRt" Best english ever :3
  9. Report admin SaJoooCS*

    I bet he paid to become admin :3
  10. jearK hacked my admin pw

    It's not F1NE's fault.. He got hacked -.- someone stole his password... It's because of this there's no more free admins I bet.
  11. reuquset for slot

    Don't think this is all yours and you tell emir to accept you -.- he said no more free admins in one topic.. So you get nothing by doing this =)
  12. Report This Noob

    If he paid to become admin (Told you so) :3
  13. Hm you should try to learn more English because you can't type English very well 😅
  14. Why would you do that to him =/ Your been a child -.- I don't know what's your objective for that but ok..