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  1. Request for admin

  2. Report MaRK3LoN.^

    And he keeps camping... I saw him on another server he is banned for camp repeat about 12 hours and when he join the server just insult his admins and banned again
  3. Unban me

    You are not admin and no proof
  4. Report

    Your Nick: Deadshot Player/Admin Nick: QualityI*MaDaFaKA* Reason: when someone kill him he just slay me and not slay who camp in base or and they are use ctrl and he said i will banned next wtf its my first slay and i wasnt camp how he can ban me for nothing"he sweared to slay me" Proof and Demo: Comment: just lookat end of the demo to know what happe with him Its not his first time to slay me no reason
  5. Niti Report

    yOU ARE STUPIED I CAN SAY ANYTHING ELSE Facebook has banned for Strafe hack and he didn't make unban request because he was hacker and YOU are NOOB CANT KNOW WHO IS AIM AND IS NOT HACK IDIOT VARMOX :))
  6. Report MaRK3LoN.^

    He TXT ---> ,, He TB and admins slay him -->MarkelonTB.dem, , He use bad language --> , , He insults when someone kills him -->,,,,,,, He not know what is U@ and never used it --> look just see all these photos:-
  7. Report MaRK3LoN.^

    hmm... wtf say why you -Rep it
  8. For sell

    you have another steam without any games ?? I think maybe i need it
  9. request forunban

    +rep and add the onther photo bkz you banned for wh
  10. For sell ?? go there
  11. message for admins :) !

  12. Request Admin

  13. Report V.I.P Edis/KoBrA

    I mean I do not hate you, Neon and Edis because you are kind of active admin and contact with players But some admins are not talking with the players yet and not look at u@ they just playing and ban who killing them and I didn't report you :)) Pls don't make me hate you :DD
  14. unban

    Upload the demo i was there when he banned you, you was not play easy :)) and maybe you hack