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  1. The server is not great...

    +Rep reason <1> Player Have aim and hacker reason< 2> This Fucking Kids STEAM BOT He When he come in SerVer Get all Laging Reason <3> No Admin Active BACK FREE ADMIN!!!!!
  2. Unban by Ga Go

    Your Nick:*Ga_Go*! Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:985417572 Admin Nick: V.P.N edis Reason: ss to forum Proof: Demo: Commont : nothing just unban me
  3. XEvil 4.0 + any SEO/SMM software = PROFIT!

    Stop spam u r nothing .-.
  4. Your Nick: *Ga_Go*! Player/Admin Nick: Illusive - Kokain Reason: he give pw to madafaka and he ban who is camper Proof and Demo: and and Comment: Remov him This Rules he not worth madafaka he cime with name kokain and he ban who is aimer and who is Camper
  5. Report admin Illusive - kokain
  6. unban

    Where is demo
  7. Unban by Ga Go

    For ss i make hud_say txt
  8. What happend Just Why Insult me +Rep
  9. Unban me

    Are u okay ? Or what where is Ss and demo
  10. Unban me

    For unban ss/demo and next camper u will get remov.
  11. For sell

    Chhal Tbi3 ?
  12. Please unban me :(

    Ss+ demo for unban
  13. report Varmox

    I need proof ? Where's
  14. report Varmox

    Where is ss?
  15. Request For Admin !

    Hahahahah You said I'm kid "Omg" Just don't make request bcz now no mor free admin online buy and You r Camper.
  16. roport password Ga Go

    Nice luggage English "Roport" Omg
  17. Request For Admin !

    -Rep Camper
  18. Niti Report

    If u get admin i think u will banned all Bad report.
  19. Request For Slot

    No mor free admin emir he said Online Buy.
  20. Request For Admin

    Emir he said No Mor Free Admin