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  1. The server is not great...

    +Rep reason <1> Player Have aim and hacker reason< 2> This Fucking Kids STEAM BOT He When he come in SerVer Get all Laging Reason <3> No Admin Active BACK FREE ADMIN!!!!!
  2. XEvil 4.0 + any SEO/SMM software = PROFIT!

    Stop spam u r nothing .-.
  3. Report admin Illusive - kokain
  4. Your Nick: *Ga_Go*! Player/Admin Nick: Illusive - Kokain Reason: he give pw to madafaka and he ban who is camper Proof and Demo: and and Comment: Remov him This Rules he not worth madafaka he cime with name kokain and he ban who is aimer and who is Camper
  5. unban

    Where is demo
  6. Unban by Ga Go

    For ss i make hud_say txt
  7. Unban by Ga Go

    Your Nick:*Ga_Go*! Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:985417572 Admin Nick: V.P.N edis Reason: ss to forum Proof: Demo: Commont : nothing just unban me
  8. What happend Just Why Insult me +Rep
  9. Unban me

    Are u okay ? Or what where is Ss and demo
  10. Unban me

    For unban ss/demo and next camper u will get remov.
  11. For sell

    Chhal Tbi3 ?