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  1. Thanks Ggas i Get Unban bi ithn allah
  2. Hhh Yes No Good Admin And Good intro The Music good
  3. Suggestion by Varmox!

    Ga Go You from Algeria Soo !!! You Speck arabic to ?
  4. i Give Proof if you want a demo i will post it
  5. REPORT SaJooOCS* Your Nick: L{O}ine^Ss Player/Admin Nick: admin SaJooOCS* Reason: ever Time Ban me With Out Reason . Just When He Join Ban Me With Out Snap Shot me Wtf Guys Proof and Demo: Comment: Stop this Guys This SaJooo He Dont Have the Qualifications To Be in Admin Wtf i Want Unban And Stop This Admin From His Work ! and Thank You
  6. Relly bro you see the proof so Why Lie Bro