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  1. Suggestion by Varmox!

    Ga Go You from Algeria Soo !!! You Speck arabic to ?
  2. i Give Proof if you want a demo i will post it
  3. REPORT SaJooOCS* Your Nick: L{O}ine^Ss Player/Admin Nick: admin SaJooOCS* Reason: ever Time Ban me With Out Reason . Just When He Join Ban Me With Out Snap Shot me Wtf Guys Proof and Demo: Comment: Stop this Guys This SaJooo He Dont Have the Qualifications To Be in Admin Wtf i Want Unban And Stop This Admin From His Work ! and Thank You
  4. Relly bro you see the proof so Why Lie Bro
  5. roport password Ga Go

    -rep i dont do it bec i like Ga_Go no i hate it But i Hate You To
  6. Cerere Unban

    hhhh You Give your IP CONFIG nice Bro
  7. Your Nick: ShadOw ! Your Steam ID: 0:0:741396751 Admin Nick: SaJooooCS again !!!!! Reason: wh ????!!!! ever time make mistake and ban me rather ban the relly WH WTF Stop this admin Guys Relly !!!!!! Proof: Demo:
  8. Request Unban

    But wait ... why gaby you do me -rep and i want to admins to ban him
  9. Request For Slot

    Thanks Bro
  10. Alan Walker

    Ooooooold song pff Bad