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  1. Request !

    V.I.P edios !!! fuc* just tell why are u fuckin* ban me i don't understund !! don't tell me it's beacause i was classidied in the top 15 and u are not ! thanks
  2. Request For Admin !

    There u speak a little more gently u improve ur self and You r kid.
  3. Request For Admin !

    lol ! thanks bro :* <3 <3 !
  4. Request For Admin !

    thanks bro good luck to u ^^ !
  5. Request For Admin !

    come in the serve i wait u i show u bro how camp !
  6. Request For Admin !

    Ga ga i will not take ur remark because everyone here know u are a kid ! in this forum i never see u say something good about somone just lock at me play
  7. Request For Admin !

    thans neo :* <3 ! finally some one how not said that all players are campes u see how i talk about !
  8. Request For Admin !

    thanks <3
  9. Request For Admin !

    thanks bro :* !
  10. Request For Admin !

    Your nick: Poumba Your Age: 19 Where are you from: Algeria What admin rank you want: Helper GameTracker Statistic hours: Do you read the rules:RBCS 2018 Can you help server with donate: hmm: yes i wait my visa carde ! Experience with AMXX: more than 4 yeres -Comment : This server is really good i play on when i have free time i want try to preserve it as long possible and also offerthe players a great game moment in the server with all my respect and have a good day !
  11. Request for admin

    +REP ur good bro !
  12. hello to the admin who reads this request :D! I want to ask an admin request I would like to participate in the help to improve the game server because I play a lot in server I connect to the moment I can not find admin on everything at this time we remake a lot of hacker / camp / tb / ... I think I can be useful to the development of the seuveur ^^ ! I hope that your answer will be possible while waiting for a good day :D!