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  1. cerere slot

    Your active is low -rep
  2. Want to meet real guys..

    Lmao._. I don't care for that and every one here didn't care for you :') I like this kids when use rb -cs EU for nothing, this forum for server cs 1.6 furien redbull so you know what u will do -.-
  3. Niti Report

    -rep niti is good admin
  4. Free admins!!

    For this, no more free admins and this good bcz some kids admins ban and destory server so for Admin u need to boost.
  5. Report MaRK3LoN.^

    Last can TB but can't camp -rep
  6. For sell

    I have 2 if u want contact with me on fb.
  7. For sell

    Contact on fb.
  8. Report V.I.P Edis/KoBrA

    -Rep need demo for that
  9. For sell

    if you want Steam comment don't tell me what i do ok ?
  10. For sell

    @Evidence you have alert in ur both steam don't scam Noob
  11. For sell

    @Ga Go arwah Prv nhdro
  12. For sell

    Hi Guys i have steam cs 1.6 For sell or vs contact with me On fb fb link: anywhere country -.- good Luck
  13. report Varmox

    no proofs -rep
  14. Request Admin

    No more free admin.