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  1. report Ga_Go

    Make those letters bigger... ... For the report, I kind of agree. He camps from time to time but unintentionally. Give him a second chance tho. He doesn't deserve to be removed.
  2. Best Live Vocal group in the whole entire world!
  3. Request for upgrade

    +rep Very good and active admin!
  4. Award / Platinum Member or RankUp!

  5. 2 sugguetion

    +rep I support both suggestions. I agree completely with you bro.
  6. Upgrade Request

    Thank you man!
  7. Cerere Admin

  8. Upgrade Request

    Thank you! Thank you man Thank you very much Thanks mate!
  9. Upgrade Request

    I am sorry for that, I was in Budapest during that period and left my computer running on the server and was AFK during the period of 2 days. I'm home now so I can do my job more accurately and actually do everything as I did before. Hvala buraz mnogo mi znaci ovo Thank you! Thank you Thank you Thank you man Thank you Thank you dude Thank you bro Thanks bro very much I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you for supporting me, it means a lot.
  10. Upgrade Request

    Gospodine, imam ukupno 185h. Izracunaj sve sate.
  11. Upgrade Request

    Thank you all. Varmox, admina sam dobio na nicku Neon. U svakom nicku koji sam koristio osim d31ty sam imao Neon, to sto sam samo menjao dizajn nicka ne znaci da nemam dovoljno sati.
  12. Upgrade Request

    Your nick: ~».Neon ツ.«~ Your Age: 17 Where are you from: Pozarevac, Serbia GameTracker Hours: ,ΞON , What admin you are: Moderator What admin upgrade you want: Super Moderator Can you help server with donations: I will try Comment: I waited a bit more than two weeks, currently I have a total of 185h and I hope I will get Super Moderator.
  13. Report Sajoo

  14. Add New Admin Rank

    -rep helper is literally that
  15. [Suggestion] Slot

    -rep Slot is intented to allow players to join when the server is full. There shouldn't be any "permissions" to it at all. It's not an admin rank, it's just one flag. You already have access to colored name and chat color and amx_say/chat. That let alone shouldn't be given, but is.