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  1. Request for upgrade

    Plzzz close the topic
  2. roport password Ga Go

    Its not saying that he give PW sorry
  3. Request for upgrade

    Plz comment on the topic no model for request here
  4. ^_Cerere Slot_^

    Sasuk u wait 2 weeks so +rep
  5. Request for upgrade

  6. Request for upgrade

    H Your nick:@bdul mo!z [T][E][R][O][R] Your Age:15 Where are you from:pAKISTAN GameTracker Hours(LINK):" mo!z [T][E][R][O][R]/" target="_blank"><img What admin you are:SLOT What admin upgrade you want: helper Can you help server with donations:80% Comment:plzzz accept me I am now and my rank is increased now
  7. report admin GDFR

    Why u have to report in english
  8. Rquest for slot

    This is not model for request
  9. reuquset for slot

  10. reuquset for slot

    Wow if tiger is back so + rep
  11. Last Cerere Slot!!!! By Sasuke

    Bcz he didn't follow the rule
  12. Request for slot

    OK but play 15 hours then I will +rep now no answere
  13. Report niti By *1Shot

    I think the was started by 1shot but he banned capers with 5mins was correct