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  1. The server is not great...

    He is saying right +rep
  2. Creat [Slot]

    Me also slot but slot can't do anything
  3. Report admin Illusive - kokain

    And he also insults people
  4. Report admin Illusive - kokain

    Of course ga go right kokain always gag me when iam online and ban camper
  5. unban

    nick:@bdul mo!z [T][E][R][O][R] steam id:STEAM_0:0:1071829957 admin nick :adin comment:why he ban me if i am lsot so no respect to me now seeede_dust2_20060015.bmp
  6. SLOT

    Not correct modle
  7. Report Don't fuck whit me.! -_-

    +rep he always do with me
  8. Gdfr gaming

    Thank u
  9. I am slot but all camp do tb so I want to be morderator

    When I request for moderator so emir reject me
  10. When k need any admin so they r not online and players make a fun of me that iam slot and always say fuck ur mother this kind of behaviour is not suitable for any players plzzz do something u all have to believe me and trust me give me one chance thank u
  11. Who love cricket

    Pakistan vs south Africa full series watch live on ten sports and ten sports will provide wwe main events raw smackdown live
  12. cerere slot

    Plzzz make ur score good but
  13. cerere slot

  14. i have admin in this server