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  1. report Varmox

    yes we are brothers but he insulted my mom bro
  2. report Varmox

    Your Nick: GospodiNN Player/Admin Nick: Varmox Reason: He insult all players like me see proof Proof and Demo: Comment: Emir mu dadov ban varmox zaradi ova na 10min da znajs (brate opomeni go zs sleden pat ke mu dam ban za stalno) @not.responding
  3. Request for admin

    +rep good player
  4. unbaN

    i have proof ...
  5. unbaN

    @not.responding wtf vidi RAZLOG pazi na kogo davas admin brate ti gi brket igracite!
  6. unbaN

    Sorry wrong web-site
  7. unbaN

  8. unbaN

    Your Nick: GospodiNN Your Steam ID: 0_0:551607602 Admin Nick: Don't fuck with me.! Reason: STOP banning my brother (|S.W.A.T| Balo| MK) he have not any hack this is SECOND time for banning him (HE HAVE NOT ANY HACK) Proof: Demo:----
  9. UPgrade (Administrator)

  10. UPgrade (Administrator)

    BoOB this is no right place to req u for admin
  11. UPgrade (Administrator)

    thanks all <3
  12. UPgrade (Administrator)

    Your nick: GospodiNN Your Age: 15 Where are you from: Macedonia GameTracker Hours(LINK): What admin you are: moderator What admin upgrade you want: Administrator Can you help server with donations: maybe Comment: \
  13. Award / Platinum Member or RankUp!

  14. unban

    I have proof
  15. unban

    no he didnt play with my name but he get ban... see proof