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  1. Request Admin

    Nick: RaZeRRwOw^_^ Godiste: 18 Drzava: Kosovo Koji rank zelite: Administrator GameTracker Statistika(LINK):^_^ Jesi procitao pravila za admine: RBCS2018 Da li mozes donirati: DA Iskustvo AMXX: 100% Dodatne informacije: -
  2. Report this KID

    Its ok emir He make a mistake
  3. Report this KID

    Your Nick: RaZeRRwOw^_^ Player/Admin Nick: The True Legend NiTi Reason: Nob ban me for aim ( Check Demo) Proof and Demo: Comment: Remove Him
  4. Report

    Your Nick: RaZeRRwOw^_^ Player/Admin Nick: nasrlh.sos Reason: Lik bukvalno samo igra boli ga kurac za campere i sve ostalo Proof and Demo: Comment: sta je ovo emire jbt bar mu daj platinum membera posto lik samo hoce da igra
  5. Report This Noob

  6. Report This Noob

    Dude if is 1 admin online he need to stay spec so stfu little noob.
  7. Report This Noob

    Your Nick: RaZeRRwOw^_^ Player/Admin Nick: DeaM*Skull Reason: He dont care about campers and cheaters Proof and Demo: Comment: Remove Him
  8. my name is Sup

    -Rep Read Rules And REQUEST again
  9. Not.responding

    Dude Read Rules And Request Again Lock!
  10. Request for upgrade

    +Rep GooD LucK.
  11. Cerere Slot By Sasuke

    -Rep Only Because this is Admin mod request
  12. Request for moderator

    +Rep Helper
  13. report admin

    YE YE. U never CAMP or TB. But Look at This -->
  14. Request for Helper

    +Rep and stop tag not.responsing