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    hi responding emir pro is good i love u
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    Your nick: Sasuke UchiHa Your Age: 15 Where are you from: Algeria GameTracker Hours(LINK): Uchiha/ Comment:i Dont have nothing to say chose +Rep/-Rep
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    If Demo link doesn't work check this one
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    Your Nick: GDFR Plugin Source Code: #include <amxmodx> #include <amxmisc> new const PLUGIN[] = "Admin Evidence" new const VERSION[] = "1.0" new const AUTHOR[] = "MagNNusS" new evidence public plugin_init() { register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR) evidence = register_cvar("amx_admin_evidence", "1") } public client_putinserver(id) { if(get_pcvar_num(evidence) == 1) { if(is_user_admin(id)) { new iName[32], iSteam[32] get_user_name(id, iName, 31) get_user_authid(id, iSteam, 31) Log("[RED BULL] ADMIN: %s has been connected! STEAM: %s", iName, iSteam) } } } Log(const message_fmt[], any:...) { static message[256]; vformat(message, sizeof(message) - 1, message_fmt, 2); static filename[96]; static dir[64]; if( !dir[0] ) { get_basedir(dir, sizeof(dir) - 1); add(dir, sizeof(dir) - 1, "/logs"); } format_time(filename, sizeof(filename) - 1, "%m-%d-%Y"); format(filename, sizeof(filename) - 1, "%s/Admin_Evidence_%s.log", dir, filename); log_to_file(filename, "%s", message); } Plugin Name: Admin's Evidence Images: *** Comment: Server is not way to active how is used to be. We reached rank 100 in, now we are 205.... We have some big threats with a few admins. Now i'm going to present you Admin Evidence. Anytime admin's join in the server, everything will be registered in logs folder, via amxmodx. On that file we will see, Player steam id, the time, and date. When emir wan't to check if admins has entered his server, he will view that file. And every info will be showed there. Source code was tested, i didn't ss it because images are useless in this point. I hope some of you will support the plugin, we really need to upgrade server rank....
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    -rep Ako te ubije neko a odma kazes da je to camp ili tb!
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    -rep nasrlh sos is very good admin
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    Dear friend I respect your request. But my friend, I am someone I do not like the threat, use this dialect with me and of course I do not respond to these actions because they are not good works And also when someone kills you, you always say it's a camp, and when I see the person who killed you, I did not see him as a camp.
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    Your Nick: RaZeRRwOw^_^ Player/Admin Nick: DeaM*Skull Reason: He dont care about campers and cheaters Proof and Demo: Comment: Remove Him
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    @F1NE pw cant change ! Just emir or niko can change pw in panel :V
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    If he paid to become admin (Told you so) :3
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    Dude if is 1 admin online he need to stay spec so stfu little noob.
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    -Rep , First!=he is in play he cant see camp! 2- and he is rip , he cant see 4-5 Ct in moment 3- for Rulest he cant ban camper 4- hee need to see for slay ! Bad RAPORT!
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    @not.responding we waiting your reply
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    Also Philip Was Have WallHack I check Him But I say to him I Dont Report you Becous You my Friend And Now I kill Him One Time He Say i will report you???
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    Ga Go You Hate Me Or What Avery Time YOU say Camper Tb Aimer What Is Wrong with you And When I win Reward you say Remove!!!!!
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    Rejected , rules
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    Your nick:Evidence Your Age:19 Where are you from:Romania What admin rank you want:Helper GameTracker Statistic hours(LINK): Do you read the rules:Yes, i do Can you help server with donate:Yes Experience with AMXX:Yes Comment:
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    -rep Rules! And how is possible that emir removed your admin about a month ago and now u saw it? (Nu am roman! )
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    +Rep But make more activity
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