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    +rep Good Luck nchalh tsbh helper anta 5eia l3ziz
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    Why do you request here ????? You will be banned from the forum Amir must delete your reply!!!!!!
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    I want modertor instead of helper
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    @not.responding please accept me
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    Wtf why you request here
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    Your nick : Reus # N1. age : 17 years old wher are you from : algeria what admin do you want : mederator gametracker : do you read the rules : yes , i did and i won't break any rule of course.. no my paypal account is empty experience with amxx : i have a little informations with amxx but not too good cuz i never been real admin in a server be the frist one comment : i like this server i am always go online in it
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    thx and you gametracker :
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    Why ban Gaby ??? OK take +rep
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    mmmm.... Gaby! is good player and he is my friend so +rep
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