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    Your Nick: ~Ggas~InvestoR~# Player/Admin Nick: some kids always.. Reason: camp base / camp / tb / txt...... Proof and Demo: comment : so u can see in this ss camp camp base tb txt wh..... and me no access.. And me no access all players insult me and saying to me go ban and me no access and no respect they called me trash and idiot.... Ihave ss for it + emir please do something for me and for this server as u can see in ss no admins actives ( i respect all admins bc someone have school and jobs....) but we need someone ban this players me platinium member no acces i was helper and it's gone idk why.... So respect this report and try to do something this cheaters and campers think are kings and big thing on this server..... respect.. @Ggas de_dust2_20090000.bmp de_dust2_20090013.bmp de_dust2_20090009.bmp de_dustyaztec0003.bmp de_dustyaztec0001.bmp de_dustyaztec0004.bmp
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    I'm with U bro ❤👊 If they give me chance i will be active admin bc i was helper they know... Me Too i have school but i can take care of this server not problem to me
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    +rep need active admins.
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    another thing... This STEAM BOOSTE (VIRUS BOT) making lag on this server and when i play with some diamonds and platinium members and slots... We can't play normal always lag lag + campers and cheaters.. 😢 de_kabul320000.bmp
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    Your Nick: *Ga_Go*! Player/Admin Nick: Illusive - Kokain Reason: he give pw to madafaka and he ban who is camper Proof and Demo: and and Comment: Remov him This Rules he not worth madafaka he cime with name kokain and he ban who is aimer and who is Camper
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    +rep remove both admin kokain and madafaka
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    +rep Proofs is STRONG NO TALK!!! Giving pw = remove from ur admin -,- Respect Rules
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    +rep Giving PW to someone = REMOVED ADMIN!
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