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  1. Yesterday
  2. Suggestion by Varmox!

    Ga Go You from Algeria Soo !!! You Speck arabic to ?
  3. Request for Unban

    Your Nick: red ak47 Your Steam ID: VALVE_0:4:2110196867 Admin Nick: Apocalypse | Varmox^ Reason: ss.demo Proof: Demo: ----
  4. i Give Proof if you want a demo i will post it
  5. Suggestion by Varmox!

    StuPid speaCking arabic emir he will be remov u I
  6. Suggestion by Varmox!

    اسكت خار ليك والله نتدم كان تزيد تتخل فيا
  7. Suggestion by Varmox!

    I choose who I love
  8. Suggestion by Varmox!

    me too i dont care how kill bro ... ! emir place no you and me
  9. Suggestion by Varmox!

    I dont care that u are boosting 4 times bro.. And how we can kill beneficii more than 255 hp!
  10. Suggestion by Varmox!

    -rep but me 4 boost for what ... for hp and money !!! bad for me . good luck
  11. Suggestion by Varmox!

    +Rep Good chose am boring zoldikus kill avery day hhhhhhh Or Ga Go or Philip Or Naruto Or Gaming Let have with 1killing 20hp and 2k Nice
  12. ^_Cerere Slot_^

    @not.responding plz chose plz and rest my mind
  13. Suggestion by Varmox!

    +Rep Nice Suugestion @Evidence You are nothing with saying -Rep The real l'y is @Ev!dence
  14. Report

    -rep I do not know
  15. BS: Ovaj server isti zombie i svi imaju vise od 250 hp-a. Izbrisi ono sve diamond,platinum i sve beneficii! I nek bude svi dobijaju 20 hp i 2k po killu. A ono owner i leader nek bude po 40 hp i 4k i founder 60 hp i 6k! Sta mislis ti Emire? Lijep pozdrav! EN: This server look likes zombie and all players have more than 250 hp. Its better when deleting diamond,platinum and all beneficii! And after deleting then all can get 20 hp and 2k by kill. And owner or leader can get 40 hp and 4k by kill and Founder 60 hp i 6k by kill! What are u thinking Emir? Good luck!
  16. Beautiful contest

    Beautiful contest Type 9 In a comment Get Like 1
  17. +rep wtff SaJoo stop ban no reason
  18. ^_Cerere Slot_^

    you not DZ JIJLI
  19. ^_Cerere Slot_^

    what fuck who are you fuck off you stiil my topic +you are not DZ JILJLI +Topic close i been waiting this fucking slot for 1 year befor i start play in this server 2017 SO FUCK OFF Manel
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